A Note from the Creative Director

The idea for The Sugar Factory and the Bunnies has been around for about a year and collecting dust in the back of my mind. Now that the market has become over saturated with new talent and content I've decided it's time to dust it off. My goal is to create an adult content site that removes endlessly scrolling through videos and removes algorithms from the equation. I want this site and experience to be like walking into the candy shop and trying the new flavor of taffy thats being worked on behind the counter. 

The trusted people I have consulting and working on this project with me are all seasoned entertainment industry professionals.  We have all worked at the highest levels of our fields. Our combined resume includes over 50 years of Broadway, Film, & TV. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and one of us even has an Emmy or 2, or 3, or 4 sitting above his desk. 

We are working on our growth and the expansion of our brand and company, and don't mind taking our time getting there. Even though this is PORN we see the need to fill our test kitchen with creative & likeminded individuals so that we can create sensual art. The goal is to create the right content for every sweet tooth! 

XOXO, LT. Michael

Talent Opportunities



Sugars are the internet sugar baby. Match with one of our site members who is looking for a play thing they can spoil and chat with! Your profile will be posted in our members area. 

Photo and Video work for Lingerie Models, Nude Models, Adult Actors


Our Bunnies are the creators and talent who are shooting the adult content for the site. 

Want to be submitted to other companies?

LT is a scout for a Miami based company that has well over 2 million viewers and has been around since 2007. Fill out our application and email talent.scout@sugarbunniesne.com and let them know your interested in being submitted! 

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