Sugar is an adult community that provides viewers, daddies, and producers access to a select group of content creators, sugar babies, & models that we refer to as "Sugars". Our Sugars are hand picked by our talent scouts or invited by another Sugar. Eliminating 100s of profiles that are inactive and filled with people you most likely aren't interested in. We verify every Sugar by doing a video meeting to set up their base profile, see what their personality is like and what they may or may not be into. We also do this with our Daddy and Producer level members adding a personal connection from the start of your experience

What makes

SBNE Different?

If you''re a content creator, sugar baby or model we can provide you with content, guidance, group chats with other modes, and sex workers, customers and an e-commerce style web with the tools needed to monetize online sex work.
You can:



• Sell individual vids 

• Sell a subscription to a video channel

•   create a membership style page


• Live stream 

• Sell fan site subscriptions

• Sell Custom Vids

• Earn Tips and Gratuities  

• Sell Store items

We started this to create a safe place to spend, share, and create without worrying if you'r taking to the same person thats in the photos, or if you'r going to get the photos or money after you send it. We have expanded the idea and are working on creating a community to share ideas, warn one another about scams and help promote, and grow together. Let us know how we can hep you, for a better experience!
-LT, Creative Director 

We're here for YOU!

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